The Lucy & Desi Arnaz

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Product Description

Feminine Lounge Grouping, which includes: 1 Sofa, 1 Settee, 2 Upholstered Chairs, 1 Coffee Table, 2 End Tables, 5 Handpicked Petite Details

A Cigar Lounge for Him, which includes: 1 Manly Sofa (Think Leather Chesterfield), 2 Upholstered Manly Chairs, 1 Coffee Table, 1 End Table, 1 Wooden Buffet for Cigars, 5 Handpicked Petite Details (Whiskey Decanters, Etc.)

The His & Hers Bars, and 7 Handpicked Petite Details (Books, Vases, Etc.)